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What does Obama have to hide? October 14, 2008

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I recently learned that Philip Berg, a Democratic lawyer from Philadephia, filed suit in Federal Court contending Barack Obama is not qualified under the U.S. Constitution to be President because is not a natural born citizen, meaning he wasn’t born in the United States.  Interestingly, instead of providing the proof to refute such a charge, Obama has refused to produce his actual birth certificate and is fighting to get the lawsuit dismissed.  While I have to say I am wary of Mr. Berg’s accusation, I find it curious that Obama has chosen to hide behind legal manuevering as opposed to simply providing the proof he was born in the U.S.  Here is a short video of Mr. Berg explaining his suit:   .


Stand up for Life – it’s our most precious resource October 14, 2008

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This is a beautiful video on why the Catholic vote is so important this election.  And while it is a focused message intended for Catholics, I think the message is universal.  I hope this short video moves you like it moved me. 

Reverse Racists and the Races they Race June 26, 2008

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Despite all the change Obama has promised, he has only had a change of face. Looking past Obama’s ubiquitous signs of change, through the veneer of blue posterboard, hides the true character of Obama – blind ambition. The kind of ambition that makes people of good character blind to their values…and their promises.

Despite my lack of agreement with Obama’s ideology, when first observing him on the campaign trail, I must admit I was impressed. Not only did he appear to be a black politician who wouldn’t divide our culture with black empowerment politics, like Rev. Jesse Jackson or Rev. Al Sharpton, he appeared to be a new type of Democrat who might actually possess the respectable traits of responsibility and leadership.

But now, Obama shows himself to be nothing more than rebranded liberal ideas wrapped in a self-absorbed, perhaps even paranoid, package. And worse, he no longer appears very different from Jesse or Al. Perhaps his handlers have miscalculated how to portray Obama, or perhaps Obama himself could not keep up the post-race facade. But it is now obvious that Obama is nothing more than a race baiter. Concluding otherwise might be illogical when you consider the Man of Hope’s statements and actions, including

1. His fellowship and support of Rev. Wright, an obviously anti-American, anti-white smear-monger;

2 . His conclusion that small town Pennsylvanians (read “white rural Americans”) are bitter and cling to guns and religion – an insult on several stereotypical levels, and;

3. Probably most offensive, his recent preemptive racial smear baselessly accusing Republicans of future racism against him. Listen to Barack in his own words here.

The only people bringing up race have been the Clintons, various Democrative party operatives and Obama himself. His entry into race card carrying politics shows that Obama is not interested in any real change. He is just the typical untrustworthy politician he portends to replace.

We’ll miss you George June 23, 2008

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While there was probably no comedian more anti-establishment than George Carlin, there is no doubt that he was one of the funniest of our time. His observations were often irreverent but always sharp. My favorite bits of his are from the ’80s. Who could forget his classic review of how football was better than baseball, or why soccer is not a sport (because you can’t use your hands), or how things that are lost go to heaven (and when you get there you get it all back, except your virginity…because you were in such a big hurry to get rid of it in the first place).

George, you will be missed. And when you get to heaven, I hope your late wife Brenda is there to hand you back all the things you ever lost. Godspeed.

The World’s Most Important Popularity Contest June 21, 2008

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As you might have deduced, Keep 1600 is geared to keep a Republican in the White House this 2008 election cycle. This will be a grassroots outlet for everyday Republicans to brainstorm ideas and strategy in the hope of making a difference on election day, November 4, 2008, the ultimate popularity contest.

Recently, our Republican Party has fractured over where the party should be headed, to the center or the right. This debate has raged during the last several years of the Bush Admistration over Medicare and immigration reform and again reared its head during the presidential primary. Should we remain staunchly principled and go right of W and back to Reagan-like conservatism and risk a place at the table? Or do we move to the center to appease a moderate electorate in order to stay relevant? And as some of the discussion is no doubt healthy, we must quickly form a coherent platform that not only satisfies the party faithful but is also attractive to a majority of independent-minded voters. Because while we are busy beating ourselves senseless, the Democrats gain more and more momentum toward a huge win in November.

And while the pundits have officially declared this election for the Democrats, perhaps such a prediction will prove premature. This race is impossible to call so early, not only for the typical pitfalls of the campaign season, but especially since the Democratic hopeful has plenty of vetting yet to experience. No, the race is on, and it will be close. And we as Republicans need to participate fervently to ensure that our ideas remain relevant. We need to ensure that our ideas are heard. And no matter where you might find yourself on the Republican prism between blue-violet and ruby-red, many of us can agree that losing the White House in 2008 to an ultra-liberal Democrat at a time when the Democrats are not only expected to keep the House and Senate, but also expand their margins, would permit a perfect storm of flawed policies that will put us on a path destined for European-style socialism.

To avoid what would certainly be policy disasters at the hands of liberal hubris, we have to stand up and demand that our party, the Grand Old Party, the party of Abraham Lincoln, the party of Teddy Roosevelt, the party of Ronald Reagan, the party of ideals, show the American public that we are also the party of ideas. Good ideas. Practical ideas. Worthy ideas. We need to squarely debunk the impression that the GOP is the party for the rich. We must show that we are the party of true prosperity – economic prosperity and social prosperity.

In a political atmosphere charged with good ol’ stand-by issues like taxes and national defense and relative newcomers like Iran and oil prices, we must speak clearly and profoundly. Our alternatives must be fresh and attractive in the face of liberal mainstays like “diplomacy not war” and “lower taxes for the middle class.” Our alternatives must inspire the heart and appease the mind – satisfying our principles while also being pragmatic.

Here we will try to discuss meaningfully and intelligently current questions facing our candidate, our party and our country like:

1. Who is the wisest choice for Vice President?

2. What should a sound energy policy that protects our economy and our environment look like?

3. What economic policies will help us thrive in the current world economy?

4. How do we meaningfully compete with China, India and Europe while also protecting our economy and our workers?

5. How do we address immigration in a way that protects our borders and encourages assimilation?

6. How do we neutralize a belligerant Iran in a manner that does not create World War III?

All of these questions and more face us. We, as Republicans, believe we have the better ideas to protect America. So let’s brainstorm to identify workable, conservative solutions Americans will embrace. There is so much at stake – it’s more than popularity, it’s long-lasting policy. Let’s not let style overcome substance.