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How McCain should respond to Russia’s aggression August 15, 2008

Posted by keep1600 in Foreign Policy, McCain.
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Just when everyone thought presidential viability would turn on domestic issues like energy and the economy, the conflict between Georgia and Russia painfully reminds us of how important American leadership is in the world.  Russia’s aggression against Georgia and the concern of future aggression against former-Soviet-now-Democratic republics like Ukraine and the Baltics should scare Americans to the core.  Russia’s antagonism to Western democratic ideals has moved from diplomatic annoyance to bellicose crisis overnight, and a strong and allied resolve to prevent future aggression should be undertaken immediately. 


How John McCain and/or Barack Obama respond to this crisis could/should impact the November 4 outcome.  McCain should take advantage and fortify his already strong stance … and dare Obama to follow.  McCain should make no bones about how it is time for America to regain its moral authority and to lead the West against tyrannical powers, like FDR in the 40’s, JFK in the 60’s and Reagan in the 80’s.  McCain should use his experience and straight talk to propose a viable comprehensive plan that promises to stop the Bear.  Such a proposal could help pull Americans out of this Iraq war funk and catapult himself into the White House.  To that end, McCain should call for:


1.  NATO convening in emergency session to (a) revoke any previous agreement/protection/incentive with Russia, and (b) bestow membership to Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia.  (Membership for Georgia should be given consideration provided it does not become a Putin-puppet.)

2.  The G-8 disbanding and reorganizing as the G-7 without Russia.

3.  Extending the U.S. missile shield to all NATO members which would like such protection (provided they assist with the costs of deployment).

4.  Embargoing trade with Russia.

5.  Suspending all U.S. financial and humanitarian aid to Russia.


While some of the above are arguably threatening and risk escalating hostilities, McCain should remind America and the World how appeasement runs the bigger risk of a blitzkrieg-like aggression witnessed in the previous century.  Now is the time to act with punitive action, not the mealy-mouthed negotiating the likes of which has given us a nuclear Iran.  By proposing such a bold new Russian policy, McCain could help secure America’s relevance while helping an electorate shake off its heretofore ambivalence.