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Advantage: McCain – now don’t blow it!! August 25, 2008

Posted by keep1600 in Veepstakes.

Obama just blew an incredible chance to unite his party and put away this election. Instead, he side-stepped glory and punted…winding up with good ol’ foot-in-mouth Joe Biden – a gaffe-prone Washington insider. Obama’s safe pick of Biden does two things. It shows Obama’s promise of “change” is nothing but a farce, and it gives McCain the chance to pick up more pro-Hillary voters. With the right choice, McCain could leap frog Obama for good.

Abandoning my prior plea to select Guiliani (who I think would be a phenomenal choice, except that he is pro-choice), I now implore McCain to make a pick that would go straight at Obama’s jugular – select Carly Fiorina. Who you say? I said CARLY FIORINA, probably the best dark horse VP candidate there ever was. Fiorina, as former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, has strong credentials in high-tech business, which would give McCain the edge on economic issues. She also is a handsome, vibrant woman with solid pro-life values, which would balance McCain’s ticket in more ways than Hillary ever could have done for The One. And with an informed quick wit, she’d could easily make mincemeat out either Obama or Biden, if they dared challenger her.

McCain, you’ve taken bold steps over the past several weeks which have given you unexpected momentum. Keep up the bold – pick Carly Fiorina for Vice President.



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