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Reverse Racists and the Races they Race June 26, 2008

Posted by keep1600 in Uncategorized.

Despite all the change Obama has promised, he has only had a change of face. Looking past Obama’s ubiquitous signs of change, through the veneer of blue posterboard, hides the true character of Obama – blind ambition. The kind of ambition that makes people of good character blind to their values…and their promises.

Despite my lack of agreement with Obama’s ideology, when first observing him on the campaign trail, I must admit I was impressed. Not only did he appear to be a black politician who wouldn’t divide our culture with black empowerment politics, like Rev. Jesse Jackson or Rev. Al Sharpton, he appeared to be a new type of Democrat who might actually possess the respectable traits of responsibility and leadership.

But now, Obama shows himself to be nothing more than rebranded liberal ideas wrapped in a self-absorbed, perhaps even paranoid, package. And worse, he no longer appears very different from Jesse or Al. Perhaps his handlers have miscalculated how to portray Obama, or perhaps Obama himself could not keep up the post-race facade. But it is now obvious that Obama is nothing more than a race baiter. Concluding otherwise might be illogical when you consider the Man of Hope’s statements and actions, including

1. His fellowship and support of Rev. Wright, an obviously anti-American, anti-white smear-monger;

2 . His conclusion that small town Pennsylvanians (read “white rural Americans”) are bitter and cling to guns and religion – an insult on several stereotypical levels, and;

3. Probably most offensive, his recent preemptive racial smear baselessly accusing Republicans of future racism against him. Listen to Barack in his own words here.

The only people bringing up race have been the Clintons, various Democrative party operatives and Obama himself. His entry into race card carrying politics shows that Obama is not interested in any real change. He is just the typical untrustworthy politician he portends to replace.



1. Mike - July 7, 2008

“Probably most offensive, his recent preemptive racial smear baselessly accusing Republicans of future racism against him.”

Just curious – I haven’t seen this yet and am wondering what you’re specifically referring to.

2. keep1600 - July 7, 2008

Thanks for your question Mike. In June 2008 at a Jacksonville, Florida fundraiser, Obama said the following “The choice is clear. Most of all we can choose between hope and fear. It is going to be very difficult for Republicans to run on their stewardship of the economy or their outstanding foreign policy. We know what kind of campaign they’re going to run. They’re going to try to make you afraid. They’re going to try to make you afraid of me. He’s young and inexperienced and he’s got a funny name. And did I mention he’s black?” Hear him in his own words here: http://embeds.blogs.foxnews.com/2008/06/21/obama-to-take-on-republican-attack-machine/

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